Let's face it, all the wonderful things a brand might say about their product are just empty words if they aren't backed up by a promise to help get you back on the road when things don’t go as planned. At Masi, we believe in our product and we have one of the best warranty's on the market. Your Masi frame and fork is backed by a limited lifetime warranty to guard against any issues that may result from non-conforming material or workmanship.

Read on for more details.

––– Limited lifetime warranty-frames and forks

Provided you are the original owner your frame and fork are both warrantied against non-conforming issues related to material or workmanship for life beginning from date of purchase. This warranty does not apply to paint/finish or any parts attached to the bicycle including, but not limited to, forks, drive train components, brakes, seats, seat posts, handlebars, stems or wheels and their components.

––– Paint, finish and other stuff

Paint, finish and the other parts attached to your Masi bicycle are covered under a limited one-year warranty for the original owner. Warranty is limited to the part(s) only, and labor and transportation charges are the responsibility of the original owner. As with any warranty, there is a requirement that the bicycle has been properly maintained and operated under normal conditions and use. This warranty is void if the bicycle or frameset has not been purchased and assembled through an authorized Masi service provider.

––– Here is the „limited part“ – what is not covered

Failure due to accident, abuse, neglect, normal wear & tear, improper assembly, improper fit, maintenance by anyone other than an authorized Masi service provider or use of parts inconsistent with the use originally intended for the bicycle as sold are not covered by this warranty. Masi defines the intended use of its bicycles as riding in a controlled, smooth manner in a location approved for bicycles with both wheels on the ground. Riding in a manner other than that voids this warranty.

––– Why it’s not covered

Like all bicycle warranties, ours protects you against the mistakes we make from time to time and is not a "No Fault" warranty. Rider mishaps, carelessness, and hazards you may encounter while riding that damage your bike are not covered by this warranty, including competitive or professional events where things like this can occur.

––– What will Masi do if you have a warranty claim

Masi will replace or repair any part that is determined to be covered by this warranty. This Limited Warranty is made only to the original owner and is not transferable. All claims must be made through an authorized Masi service provider and must be accompanied by an original bill of sale or proof of purchase that identifies the bicycle or frame by the serial number-please be sure to keep a copy in a safe place away from the dog.

––– What if your frame or parts are not covered under the warranty

The good news! If the warranty claim on your Masi frame or parts is determined to be invalid, Masi will offer a replacement frame or part of at least equal value at a reduced price. This transaction will be offered only through an authorized Masi service provider. The replacement frame or part must be assembled/installed by an authorized Masi service provider to maintain the Masi warranty. All transportation and labor charges are the responsibility of the original owner.

––– Legal Stuff (we have to say it)
There are no warranties of guarantees expressed or implied made by the Masi Bikes on this bicycle. The sole and exclusive liability of Masi and/or any of its authorized dealers, service providers, or affiliates of agents pursuant to this warranty shall be for the repair and replacement of the defective part; incidental or consequential damages are expressly excluded hereunder. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which may vary depending on state, province or country where you purchased this Masi bicycle.

Bicycling is potentially a hazardous activity. The user assumes the risk of any personal injury, damage to or failure of the bicycle and any other losses if Masi bicycles are used in any competitive event, including bicycle racing, or similar activities or training for such competitive activities or events. This bicycle is not manufactured, marketed, designed or intended to be altered for use at any time in stunt riding or similar activity. Masi, its dealers, affiliates or agents shall not be liable under this warranty nor under any state or federal law or the common law or otherwise for any damage, failure, including personal injury, resulting from such use and/or alteration.

Its always a good idea to have your bicycle periodically inspected and serviced by an Authorized Masi service provider in order to keep it in good working order, to keep you safe, and to deliver the fantastic riding experience you desire for many years to come.