Masi adventure bikes let you take on any path you desire, whether it be the bike path to the office, or that ribbon of single-track winding into the woods. Adventure riding is about freedom; the freedom to ramble and explore your world. Masi adventure bikes let you take on your dream journey, from the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route to a self-supported tour of the west coast of South America, or simply a weekends jaunt to the coast. With expedition-proven geometry and enough mounts to take all the amenities of home with you, the adventure bikes are ready when you are.


    It's time to elevate your cycling experience and embark on a journey of endless possibilities on the road.

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    Whether you just want to explore unknown terrain or make a name for yourself in the gravel racing scene.

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    Set your sights on the horizon, and let our bikes be your companions as you chase your wildest dreams.

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